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We're proud of our home bred winning line.
Welcome to Cresthill Mini Rex where we focus exclusively on Mini Rex in most varieties with the goal of providing top quality animals for the show table. Our rabbitry is owned and operated by myself Sandi, and my daughter Alisa Lowry. We have been breeding for 11 years and are active members of ARBA and NMRRC.

       Through the years our Mini Rex have achieved top honors including top breeder in Sweeps points in 2000 and 2001, winning the nationals in 2000, BOSB at the 1998 national, and were the breeders of the 1998 national winner as well. Alisa also won BOB at the 2000 nationals, the 2001 convention, and 2002 nationals when she was still in youth.

        At Cresthill Mini Rex we stake our reputation upon our willingness to provide top quality Mini Rex to up-and-coming breeders. If you are searching for a special animal to compliment your current herd, let us help you select that perfect Mini Rex and if you're just getting started with Mini Rex, we can help you choose multiple animals that will work well together to produce the show winning herd you've been dreaming about.

       We at Cresthill's Mini Rex love to have visitors. If you would like to come see our beautiful Mini Rex and our new facilities please contact us to arrange a convenient day and time.

Sandi and Alisa Lowry

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